Transfer to Kassiopi – 2023

Generally, there are four (4) ways of transfer to/from Kassiopi:

  1. SHUTTLE TRANSFER (by coach/shared shuttle transfer)
  2. PRIVATE TRANSFER  (by taxi (1-4 people) or minibus (1-14 people)
  3.  GREEN BUS (by public transportation)
  4. BY CAR driving yourself (car hire)

The first 2 ways, shuttle transfer and taxi/minibus, are those most commonly used.

Car-hire is also used a lot especially at the beginning (April-May) and end (September-October) of the season mainly because of its low cost at the time which can be even lower than a return taxi fare.

Below are all means of transportation in details.


Shuttles are a shared transfer and a great value way of travelling to Kassiopi. They are cheaper as they run on scheduled times from Corfu (CFU) airport with usually a max 45 minutes waiting period after making contact with your transfer representative.

On the way to the destination, there are usually several stops to drop off or pick up other clients. Generally transfer times for shuttles are estimated and can vary considerably depending on the traffic or the number of stops they have along the way.

Many visitors of Kassiopi have been using this means of transportation every summer for years now. Shared shuttle will usually cost you less than a taxi (unless your group consists of 3-4 people so the cost can be the same or higher even so be careful to chose what is best for your group) and also offer you a good service at the best possible rate.

Various sites can be found on internet for shared shuttle transportation. Most of them now offer two types of shuttle transfer: the standard one which you will find us “Shuttle transfer” and the faster one (max 4 stops) which you will find as “Speedy shuttle“.

The cost usually varies between 15 and 25 pounds approx. per person for a standard return shuttle transfer and between 30 and 40 pounds for a speedy one.

Below you can find a list of the most commonly used international shuttle bus companies suggested by our guests, through which you can safely book your transfer to Kassiopi and to Theofilos (listed according to the cost):

Cost per person for a return shuttle transfer: 21 € (or 18 £ approx.) or 35 € (30£ approx.) for a speedy return shuttle transfer.

(at the destination box/drop off location you can enter Theofilos or just Kassiopi)

Cost per person for a return shuttle transfer: 25 € (or 22 £ approx.) or 44 € (38 £ approx.) for a speedy return shuttle transfer.

(at the destination box/drop off location you can enter Theofilos or just Kassiopi)

Cost per person for a return shuttle transfer: approx. 22 € (or 19 £ approx.)


  • More transfer sites be found on internet. These are the ones mostly used by our guests.
  • Prices can vary slightly depending on the period of the year.



1) If your groups consists of 4 people, then the cost of a shared transfer can be higher than that of a taxi/minibus so be careful to chose what is best for your pocket.
Also, if you chose to book a speedy shuttle transfer which is a lot more expensive than a standard shuttle transfer, again check carefully if the total cost is much different than that of a taxi/minibus (approx. 120 euros for a return transfer and for up to 4 people). If the cost is about the same, then a private taxi or minibus is certainly preferable.

2) Most transfer sites apart from shuttle transfers, also offer taxi transfers which you will find as “Private transfer” or “Private Minibus” transfer for larger groups. Be very careful when you decide to book a taxi or a minibus through one of these companies as their charges can be a lot higher (sometimes almost double) than those of the local taxi and minibus companies. Always keep in mind that the usual taxi/minibus fare for a transfer from Corfu airport to Kassiopi centre and vise versa is around 60 euros (one way) or 120 euros return. This fare is for up to 4 passengers and 4 medium size luggages.

3) The estimated journey time from Corfu Airport to Kassiopi on a shared shuttle is 1-1,5 hour but sometimes, especially over the high season, there can be a significant delays at the airport or many stops on the route. So keep in mind that sometimes, particularly at the busy time of the year and for standard shuttle transfers, there can be significant delays and a transfer from/to the airport to/from Kassiopi-Theofilos can take more than 1,5 hour.

4) Another point (not an issue for Theofilos’ guests) is that shared transfers are not available to private addresses which means that these can not drop passengers directly at the accommodation but instead can drop you off at the nearest central points.

Nevertheless, this is not a problem for our guests because Theofilos  is located only 1 minute walking distance to the centre of Kassiopi which is Kassiopi square (200 metres from Theofilos) and also only 100 metres away from Jannis taverna which is right on the junction at the outskirts of Kassiopi. So, if book a shuttle transfer to Kassiopi, in the case that the driver doesn’t already know where Theofilos is located, just ask him to drop you off either at the central square or in front of Jannis restaurant right at the outskirts of Kassiopi above Kalamionas beach. Theofilos Serenity house is only 2 minutes away.


The fastest and more comfortable way to come to Kassiopi and to Theofilos is certainly by taxi or minibus.

i) by TAXI 

You can very easily get a taxi at Corfu Airport (Ioannis Kapodistrias Kerkyra Airport) even in the highest season (end of July – end of August) without having to pre-arrange a booking. Just outside the terminal building of the airport, a long taxi rank is located – 24hours/day – waiting to transfer you all around Corfu. If you haven’t pre-booked a taxi, the simplest thing to do is just to get one of those.

There are usually fixed fares for specific destinations, nevertheless it is always a good idea to confirm the fare with the taxi driver before setting off.


Corfu Airport – Kassiopi: 70 euros (fare applied by most taxi companies based on North Corfu).

The drive takes approximately 50-55 minutes.
The above transfer cost is for a one-way trip and for 1 to 4 people.

So the average total cost for a return trip Kassiopi centre – Corfu Airport in May, June, July, August, September & October is 140 euros regardless of the total number of people transferred (1 person minimum – 4 people maximum). 

Each taxi is licensed to carry up to 4 people (including children) and up to 4 medium size luggages.

Charges are payable to the driver upon arrival at the requested destination. Return taxi transfers can be booked in advance or any time during your holiday by phone. The taxi for the return journey from Kassiopi to the airport, picks up approximately 3 hours before the flight time. For example, if your departure flight time from Corfu airport is at 15:00, then the taxi needs to pick you up from Kassiopi at 12:00 (one hour for the drive and two hours for the check-in).

Taxis are never shared with others unless you personally arrange for it. In this case, the total cost should remain the same (as long as the total number of guests is up to 4 people and the total number of luggage is up to 4).

If you need a taxi company recommentation or any other help/advice with your transfer arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

ADVICE: Generally, when searching on internet for taxi or minibus companies, be careful with those which charge unjustifiable high rates without offering something different than all others do.

For a typical one-way taxi transfer (1-4 people) from Corfu Airport to the centre of Kassiopi-Theofilos or vise versa, the cost shouldn’t be more than 70-80 euros (max).

(ii) by MINIBUS

Ideal for any number of guests, particularly for parties of 4 or more people who want to travel privately.

When your group is large consisting of more than 4 people then certainly the best idea and best value compared to taxis, is to book a minibus.

Even if your group is only up to 4 guests but you have many large suitcases or you just want to travel more comfortably in a smart vehicle,  a minibus is an excellent solution, particularly when there are minibus companies that will charge you for a private minibus transfer the same (or even less!) than a taxi.

A minibus is generally an excellent way of getting to your accommodation with ease and style. Your vehicle will be waiting for you upon arrival and whisk you off to your accommodation making your onward journey hassle free.

Here aτ Theofilos, we are very happy to cooparate with an excellent local transfer company named FULVIA TRAVEL that offers special prices for all our guests who wish to book a private transfer.

Highly recommended minibus company by Theofilos Serenity:

FULVIA TRAVEL – Kassiopi travel agent

SPECIAL OFFER by Fulvia Travel in Kassiopi for the guests of Theofilos:
70-80 euros for a private transfer of up to 4 people (1-4 people) from/to the airport.

Excellent service at an excellent value. Minibus Bookings & information at //tel. (0030) 26630 81040 – 41


Special price for all Theofilos guests for a private transfer of up to 4 people from Corfu Airport to Theofilos  – Kassiopi or from Theofilos – Kassiopi to the Airport:  70 euros 

For transfer of more than 4 guests, the cost varies depending on the total number of people. For more information please contact us or contact Fulvia travel directly.

3) BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION (the intercity buses of Corfu or GREEN BUSES)

This is an excellent way of coming to Kassiopi and most certainly the one with the greatest value.

The ticket cost for the route Corfu town to Kassiopi is only 3,6 euros per person and pre-booking is not necessary.

The new service for summer 2023 is at least 5 times a day.

More specifically,

Green bus from Corfu town to Kassiopi (extra services are added in high season)

Monday to Friday: 05:30, 08:30, 12:15, 14:30, 17:30
Saturdays: 06:00, 08:30, 14:30, 17:30
Sundays: 09:30
Green bus from Kassiopi to Corfu town (extra services are added in high season)
Monday to Friday: 07:00, 10:00, 13:45, 16:15, 18:45
Saturdays: 07:30, 10:00, 16:15, 18:45
Sundays: 17:05

 Important: Please note that services can change from time to time so some of this information may be inaccurate. Thus we strongly advice you that you always check the timetable directly at the official site of the Green Buses. 

 Also please note that the services on SUNDAYS are limited so if you travel on that day you may need to use another means of transportation. 

 See all services in details here: GREEN BUSES (official page)

and the services to Kassiopi here: GREEN BUSES TO KASSIOPI

Green buses on Trip Advisor: Corfu – Public transportation



As of April 2016, the Green Bus Station is located at a new facility near the airport in order to service better the numerous visitors of the island who come by airplane. Nevertheless, most of the Corfu maps do not have this new location and the Green bus station is still shown at its former location which was near the port. Please make sure you have updated your info. The Green bus website has Google maps for each destination showing exactly the location of the new station.

The intercity buses of Corfu are also the most popular way to get to know the island. They are being chosen every day from local and foreign travellers for safe, secure, fast and easy journeys. Green buses will take you safely and quickly to any part of the island almost for free.


The urban bus transportation of Corfu 

 This is the bus you need to take in order to go from the airport to the town centre.

All services from Corfu airport to the city centre of Corfu HERE

The airport and the port are connected with Corfu town with Blue Bus No 15.

The Blue bus timetable is available at the official Blue Bus Website in Greek, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. You can also download a useful leaflet providing a small map and all the blue bus routes.


If you prefer to be independent, if you like adventure (!) but mainly if you enjoy driving, then you may like the idea of hiring a car at the airport and drive by yourself to Kassiopi.

Plenty of car rental companies which operate at Corfu Airport can be found on the internet.  In case you are coming at Theofilos for first time, please have a look at the following instructions and ask us to send you all necessary information.



Corfu Town (Airport) – Kassiopi:  36 km

Google map with the way, Corfu (Kerkyra) airport (Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport) to Theofilos, Kassiopi.
After you leave the airport, turn right.

After a couple of minutes you will be at the beginning of Garitsa Bay and the sea will be on your right.

Follow the main street and after you pass the gate of the castle, the square etc, you will soon pass by the central port of Corfu island.

Keep driving on the main street until you see signs directing you “to Kassiopi’ and other central resorts.  Follow the signs and in about an hour you will be at Kassiopi.

There is no way you will be lost as north-east side of Corfu is the most popular destination on the island.

A few meters after you enter Kassiopi, you will meet the central small square of the village (look for Supermarket MASOUTIS and Grill house No 7 which are just on the square).

At that point, turn LEFT, towards the beach and do not continue ahead on the paved road and towards the harbour).

In just a few seconds you will pass the pharmacy of the village, restaurant Little Italy and cafe-bar A.

Turn RIGHT into the first road you meet AFTER PANDORA supermarket (about 20m after Pandora supermarket on the right).

This small lane leads down towards the beach and to Theofilos Serenity House.

A car parking area is available at the top of the lane, just after you turn on your left had.

It may sounds complicated but in fact it’s very, very simple.



Friently car rental company to Theofilos: Kassiopi cars


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