Kassiopi village

Kassiopi is one of the most picturesque tourist resorts at the North East corner of Corfu, about 36 kilometres (22 miles) north

of Corfu town. A charming little village where thousands of tourists have spent their holidays over the last 40 years.

The village dates from at least 200 BC when the king of Epirus realised the strategic importance of the area. After the Roman subjugation of the island in 230 BC, the importance of Kassiopi is proven by the many notable visitors including the emperor Nero who chose this place for his baths while visiting the local temple of Zeus. At that time Kassiopi even had its own mint.

Nowadays, the Church of Kassiopi is located on the site of the old temple which was built in the ancient times as a temple dedicated to Zeus Cassius. Above the town are the remains of Kassiopi Byzantine Castle.
The remains overlook the village and continue around the headland. Today the castle is mainly ruinous but parts of the walls can be seen from the harbour and the coastal road around the headland. You can easily walk inside the fortress enjoying some excellent panoramic views of the area. Recent efforts are being made for its restoration.

As well as historic sites and pretty scenery, Kassiopi also tempts visitors with excellent swimming in crystal clear waters in the numerous pebble coves surrounding the village. In addition to that, country side and mountains around the village make for excellent walking with absolutely breathtaking views.

Tourism has of course had its influence on the place, but down at the harbour you can still find local fishermen bringing home the morning catch. Tavernas, shops, beaches and bars offer something for everyone. With several music bars and ‘low key’ clubs, it is considered to be one very safe environment for you to spend your holidays.

Numerous excursions and activity programs such as boat trips, coach trips, scuba diving and horse are offered at the local travel agencies of Kassiopi.

In addition to that car, bike, scooter or boat rentals are readily available for those who wish to explore more of the island. Money exchange services are also available at all local travel agents.

Transport from Corfu airport to Kassiopi by car takes approx. 50 minutes. Unfortunately there is not a direct green bus link between Corfu Airport and Kassiopi but taxis as well as coaches (pre-booking is needed) are easily available.
Regular green bus and boat services though are available between Kassiopi and Corfu town on a daily bases.

Traditional and modern are tastefully integrated throughout the village making Kassiopi an ideal place for revitalizing and endless happy moments with your beloved persons.

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