Kensington on sea

North-East Corfu:


The smart part of the island


Kensington-on-Sea is how some media and newspapers in the UK name the north-east part of Corfu.

The area was named after Kensington, West London, for the wealthy tourists who spend their holidays there.

“Corfu’s north-eastern coastline is one of the most attractive holiday spots in Greece. From Nissaki up to Kassiopi, hillsides covered in thick swathes of olive trees descend precipitously to dead-end, pebbly coves.

The challenging topography and lack of sand on the beaches has kept mass-market tourism at bay. Lawrence and Gerald Durrell, who lived there in the Thirties and whose books have enticed so many visitors to Corfu, wouldn’t be too dismayed at how this part of the island has ended up.

The overwhelming majority of holidaymakers in north-east Corfu are middle-class Brits – hence the area’s nickname, Kensington-on-Sea.” Text source


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